Spiritual Transmission Linked Meditation


(Brief Life Sketch of Spirtual Masters)

Grand Master Rev. Mahatma Ram Chandra Ji Maharaj alias Rev. Lalaji Maharaj of Fatehgarh(U.P.)

Great Master Rev. Dr. SriKrishan Lal Ji Maharaj

Rev. Dr. BASANT (Dr. B.K.Saxena) Ji Maharaj


Presented For English Speaking Aspirants

STM is a simple and advanced method of meditation based on Spiritual transmission from accomplished spiritual master and Guide with purification of intellect and feelings to transcend beyond mind and getting absorbed in divine light and subtle voice, leading to higher experience of peace, bliss, love and knowledge.

STM involves simple steps to be practised for cleansing intellect and feelings and awakening of heart,intellect and higher subtle centres through concentration,meditation and divine grace.STM inherits spiritual linkage with the system of noble Naqshbandia Mujaddidia Mazaharia Order of great Sufi saints and encompasses not only the subtle aspects of Patanjali yoga but also shabd yoga of Kabir and other saints as well as Vedanta philosophy of universal brotherhood and love.

Questions & Answers of Various Devotees

Question by Andrea Heal, a spiritual seeker from Michigan, U.S.A (at Facebook)

How Does One know what Faith is Right for them? So, far i haven't been able to make up my Mind?

Answered by Poojya Gurudev Shri Basant Ji Maharaj on 02nd September 2010

Right faith is that God is Supreme consciousness characterized by absolute peace, absolute knowledge & absolute bliss. One can realize that Supreme consciousness through intense love, self purification & meditation. General meaning of faith is attributed to religion & main objective of any religion is perfection of moral conduct. But, Spirituality is beyond religion for which right conduct is essentially required. Therefore, for right conduct one is free to choose any religion which is not too dogmatic.